About us


In a rapidly changing environment being a sophisticated decision maker is no longer a luxury reserved for those with unlimited resources. The tools available today to almost any player in any industry can position each and every one of us on a track to success. Finding your edge in a dynamic, competitive space is the smart thing to do.


We dare to ask questions and challenge the status quo. We constantly evaluate our set of activities and look for ways to make it better. We apply sophisticated tools to our investments and credit structures, consulting and advisory services. We work with you, the business owner and decision maker on building a resilient environment, one focused on innovation and positive outcomes.

Edge OMC provides operations management and leadership consulting that can help pave a bright future for your business. We act as your critical eye and voice, increase commitment and dedication levels of your team, fix roadblocks in your value chain and create a lasting impact on your employees, customer and product or service. Furthermore, we recognize the need for creative and inspiring investors. Raising money for your business should be a positive experience

Intrigued? Here’s what we actually do.

Our Services

Operations management consulting
Our operations management consulting service is focused on helping you find answers to many questions faced by entrepreneurs and managers across industries.


Leadership can be the one thing by which your company lives or dies. EDGE leadership advisory is a delicate process during which new tools, techniques and approaches are being explored with you and your team.

Our investment strategy takes into account your organization. That looks different for each business owner. That’s what makes you an entrepreneur. If you’re on a path to success, we would like to talk to you.


The Leadership


Amotz Segal

Amotz Segal is the founder of Edge OMC. He started the company with the purpose of changing the level of conversation around entrepreneurs. Amotz’s vision is of a more innovative and inclusive business environment. Empowering business owners to build a culture of engaged and responsible teams is at its core. Amotz has comprehensive functional experience leading operations improvement efforts in the FinTech space. Throughout his career, he has provided advice, support guidance and motivation to small and large teams in the U.S. and U.K. In addition, he raised and structured capital in both locations and effectively built a successful online-lending business. He currently works with clients to address a range of issues, including cost transformation, supply and value chain optimization, leadership and motivation challenges, corporate due diligence and capital structure.

Prior to his experience in the FinTech arena, Amotz was trading stocks, options and derivatives in Wall Street. Amotz believes that a work-life balance approach can help business owners achieve more goals in a shorter period of time. True to his own agenda, Amotz balances his work with time spent with his family and friends. When not at the office, you can find him on the tennis court, reading books, traveling or kicking the ball in the park with his son Hayden and wife Shanah.