About us

Result Oriented

We analyze your business situation through collaboration, identify problems and opportunities, and develop and implement solutions. Our key focus is to deliver measurable results: Increased revenue, reduced costs, improved efficiency, and enhanced competitiveness. Every step we take is designed to promote growth, scalability, and resilience.

Data Driven

We dare to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Our process includes evaluating your set of activities (and ours!) and looking for ways to improve them. We apply sophisticated tools, data, and market research to our consulting and advisory services. We work with you, the decision maker, to build a resilient environment focused on innovation and positive outcomes.

Edge OMC provides operations management and leadership consulting that can help pave a bright future for your business. We act as your critical eye and voice, increase commitment and dedication levels of your team, fix roadblocks in your value chain and create a lasting impact on your employees, customer and product or service. Furthermore, we recognize the need for creative and inspiring investors. Raising money for your business should be a positive experience.

Our Services

Go-to-Market Consulting
We design and implement strategic and actionable Go-to-Market roadmaps focused on growth and profitability that align with your organization’s objectives and customer journey.

Sophisticated and agile leadership can be the one thing by which your company lives or dies. EDGE leadership advisory is a delicate process during which new tools, techniques, and approaches are being explored with you and your team.

Capital raise should have a positive impact on your organization. We guide organizations through the preparation, negotiation, and post-transaction period to maximize investment utilization..


The Leadership


Amotz Segal

Amotz Segal is the founder of Edge OMC. His vision is of a more innovative and inclusive business environment that applies data and insights to promote sophisticated and responsible growth.
Amotz is an operational and strategic advisor and an innovative thought leader with demonstrated success in building, managing, and scaling teams. For over 12 years, he worked and advised organizations of all sizes – from pre-revenue startups to public companies – in the U.S., U.K., and Latin America. As an entrepreneur, he founded a startup that resulted in a successful exit.
He currently works with clients to address various issues, including go-to-market strategy, revenue operations implementation, cost transformation, supply and value chain optimization, leadership and motivation challenges, corporate due diligence, and capital structure.

Amotz believes that a work-life balance approach can help business owners achieve more goals in a shorter period of time. True to his agenda, he loves spending time with family and friends, playing tennis, reading, traveling, and cooking.