January 27, 2020

Recently at a conference I was approached by a  CEO of a company in the service sector. Mr. Smith (not his real name) and I had a short and positive conversation during which he told me a bit about his business, asked about mine and suggested we should connect again back in NYC. Few days later, in response to my follow up email Mr. Smith asked me if I can remind him of my services and how we met. I replied back describing some of my experience and background and put it out there that there might be some room for synergies. In response to that email, I received the following line: “I strictly do service X for industry Y. How can you help me?”

I must admit that I was thrown off, perhaps even aggregated by the email. I then realized how great of an opportunity it is to discuss some of my own services in a more granular way. Helping entrepreneurs answer questions they didn’t even think asking is a major reason for why I started my own business to begin with. And so, if you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, an executive, a manager or an employee wondering what is it that we at Edge OMC do that might be of value or benefit you and the business you’re part of – please keep reading. 

As mentioned above, we try to bring up questions that were either not discussed in the past or simply ignored. We don’t necessarily think that we  have all the answers but we do believe that communicating such questions is a key element in the quest for some answers. Generally speaking, we put a lot of emphasis on positive communication during our work. In addition to the questions we ask, we also focus on the decision making process. Asking many questions is very different than asking some good questions. Furthermore, asking the right questions and taking the wrong actions is a waste of valuable resources, which is why we also focus on installing or nourishing a healthy decision making process. The above combination, good communication and a healthy decision making process can be applied to many business aspects. Examples of challenges we tackled in the past include improving conversion rates for sales and marketing teams; preparing companies for capital raise; develop, apply and benchmark processes and procedures for human capital, finance, service and operations departments; branching nationally and internationally and more. 

Our goal is to be a part of a positive change. Our organization can do so by providing a specific solution to a single or a number of challenges faced – or about to be faced – by an your organization. Alternatively or in addition to the above, we can also establish a longer term relationship, including a financial empowerment in the form of credit lines, working capital, participation\syndication, warehouse facilities, secured and unsecured loans and more. 

This is the email I wrote back to Mr. Smith:

“Thank you for asking that question. I wasn’t aware of the fact that you’re looking for help. Now that I am, perhaps we can discuss some of the challenges you’re facing, and together work on a plan that will aim to not only answer those questions and provide immediate solution, but will also provide you with tools that can help you better face different and similar conditions in the future. We believe that every businessman and businesswoman should be equipped with a growing set of innovative, creative and empowering skills.”


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January 22, 2020

A fundamental change introduced by the online lending industry highlights the relationship between a borrower and a lender. No longer a large financial institution dictates the transaction’s terms and tempo. The small business owners have spoken their priorities; speed over rate, accessibility over term. Online lenders- on their own part of the small business community- are able to service a small business so well and effectively because both sides understand the magnitude of working capital to a business success. More so, as the industry grows, and more players are entering the arena the merchant is the one getting the upper hand during negotiation. The evidence to support this successful model can be seen both on the macro and micro level. Across the globe, small businesses data shows exponential growth. Unemployment is at its lowest level since WWII. Wages are up. Longevity of small businesses is higher. Empowered by data availability and granularity, small business owners across all industries enjoy process analysis tools that helps them improve their decision making process and run their business in a more efficient and effective way.