Strengthening Our Ecosystem: Introducing Our Esteemed Partners

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, which not only serves as a platform for our enhanced services but also highlights our partnerships with industry leaders. These collaborations are a testament to our dedication to working with the best of the best and their trust in our capabilities to deliver unparalleled solutions.

1. REVX: Revolutionizing Receivable Management

At the forefront of receivable management, Revx Solutions stands out with its AI-driven approach to account receivable solutions. With a rich history spanning over 45 years and officially launching in 2015, Revx has redefined the standard for customer service and debt collection. They offer a comprehensive end-to-end service, supporting financial institutions and technology companies with everything from customer service to curing late payments and collecting bad debt. Their innovative pricing models are designed to deliver value to their clients, making them a key partner in our network.

2. EVENTUS ADVISORY GROUP: On-Demand Finance Expertise

Eventus Advisory Group specializes in providing on-demand finance and accounting support services, offering a wide range of expertise from accounting and Controllership to CFO services and SEC reporting. They provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for both public and private companies looking to manage, build out, or augment their internal finance teams. Whether it's navigating growth, adaptation, or troubleshooting, Eventus stands ready to offer on-demand solutions, making them an invaluable partner.

3. GRASSHOPPER BANK: Client-First Digital Banking

Grasshopper Bank, with assets totaling approximately $720 million, redefines banking for the business and innovation economy. By moving away from the traditional banking model, Grasshopper offers tailored banking solutions, including services for small businesses, venture-backed companies, fintech-focused Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), commercial API banking platforms, SBA lending, commercial real estate lending, and yacht financing. Their industry-specific expertise and commitment to client-first services align perfectly with our values.

4. WONDER&WONDER: Unleashing the Power of Insights

Wonder&Wonder excels in insights and market research, helping organizations uncover new growth opportunities, brand positioning, product development, and marketing strategies. Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, they harness simplicity, storytelling, and wonder to deliver actionable insights. Their approach to uncovering deep market understanding makes them a pivotal partner in our ecosystem.

5. TREASURE: Fintech Innovation Backed by Visionaries

Treasure, a fintech startup backed by Peter Thiel, offers professional cash management solutions that enable businesses to achieve safe and higher yields on idle cash. Providing seamless access to advanced treasury management capabilities typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies, Treasure embodies the innovation and forward-thinking that guide our partnerships.


Through our collaborations with REVX, Eventus Advisory Group, Grasshopper Bank, Wonder&Wonder, and Treasure, we are not just expanding our service offerings but also enriching our ecosystem with deep expertise and innovative solutions. Our partners share our vision of providing exceptional value and service to our clients, and together, we are poised to address the evolving needs of today's business environment.

Visit our new website to learn more about how our partnerships are driving success for businesses across industries and how we're working together to pave the way for future innovations.

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